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Meet Your Global Community Team!

Meet Your Global Community Team!

As we prepare to formally announce our new community experience, we thought it would be a good idea to provide you with a more detailed introduction to the whole Global Community Team. We're here to make sure that you feel right at home in our Nest and make your Community experience as positive as possible. Feel free to reach out to any of us at any time, if you have questions or need assistance: 


@KerriW  - Senior Community Manager, oversees the Community engagement and content side of the User Advocacy Team. Kerri hails from Canada and is a 10+ year veteran in the Community space. She is passionate about technology and its power to connect people, but also loves spending time with family, hitting the dance floor with her fellow Dataikers and spending some quiet time with a good book.

Michael-GRAYSON (1).jpg@MichaelG  - Community Manager - One of our newest members of the team, Michael is happy to make up 100% of the UK based community team. When not working on Dataiku’s Community project he can be found either sailing the high seas or plugged into a strategy game. Staring at maps comes in handy in both cases and Michael is a bit of a cartophile.


Corey-STRAUSMAN.jpg@CoreyS  - Community Manager - Like Michael, Corey is thrilled to make up 100% of the New York based community team. When not working on the Community, granted he's on here a lot, he can be found researching polling data for various elections around the world, listening to a podcast (or both!)


Lisa-BARDET.jpg@LisaB  - Community Programs Manager, she develops community programs, including ambassadors and user groups, to support Dataiku users and help them grow their skills. She joined the company in New York two years ago, and now works from Paris where she enjoys biking around the city, exploring the electronic music scene, and pretending she knows a lot about French wines.  

Claudius henrichsP1060179 copy.jpg@ClaudiusH  - Platform Program Manager, is responsible for the technical platforms that power this community and additional tools that help Dataiku stay better connected to its users. A serial community aficionado he collects online community memberships like you might collect historic CSV files. After infesting his home with smart home devices he recently switched to VR, he also loves cycling and backing meaningless kickstarter projects.


@FélixS  - Multimedia Graphist, is in charge of the overall esthetic of the Dataiku Community platform and content. Specialized in motion graphics, I’ll be super happy to put fancy animations anywhere he can ! Like Lisa, he works in the Paris office of Dataiku. He loves great movies, progressive rock and Karl Marx .. “because that’s capital”.


@JulieH - Director, User Advocacy, drives the experience for our global community and leads the amazing teams responsible for user advocacy, content, platform and engagement of the Dataiku Community. She lives near Montreal, Canada on a maple grove where she enjoys rescuing and rehabilitating animals with her family. She’s an avid gamer and recently embarked on a journey to develop escape rooms.

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