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How do I register?

Registering takes only a minute; all you need is a login name, a password, and an email address:


1. Click Sign in at the top of any page,


2. Select 'Sign Up',

3. Enter your corporate email address,

4. Enter a password,
Tip: Passwords are case-sensitive. Include upper and lower case letters and numbers to make your password more secure.

5. Click 'Sign Up',

6. Enter a Username (your username appears whenever you post or send direct messages),
Tip: Most people create anonymous names for the sake of privacy and to help them feel more comfortable participating. Be creative, have fun with it, but choose carefully: you can't change your login after you're registered.123.PNG

That's it - hit submit! You are now all signed up and ready to be a full part of the Community.

Note: You must have cookies enabled in your browser to register and to sign in.

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