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Community Feedback board guidelines

The Community team has launched this feedback space to allow you to provide input both on the Community and keep track of our responses to that feedback. Here are a few guidelines about how best to give your own feedback, and an explanation of our process for handling feedback.
Suitable content
This board can be used for feature requests, bug reports or commentary on Community programs.
Check the Board
Please use the search function to ensure that your idea isn’t a duplicate. If someone has suggested your idea or something similar go ahead and comment on / kudo their post. 
Include your thinking
The more we know about why you want to see something the more likely we are to agree! If you are reporting a bug please include your browser version and all the things you would like to see in a customer report: exception code, steps to reproduce etc. 
Include Visuals
If your idea relates to a change to the layout of the community or adding an extra feature a mock up (even one in paint) is very helpful for us.


Using the correct label helps us identify your idea and direct it to the correct person to help - currently there are the following labels:

  • Bug
  • Feature Request
  • Enhancement 
Commenting on, voting up, or adding to others suggestions is extremely helpful to us - we want to gauge the general opinion / how widespread a problem is.
Ideas are set to one of the above statues so you can track the state of your idea.

New: Your idea hasn’t been seen yet.

Acknowledged: We have read your idea and will get back to you about it.

Needs info: we would love to hear from you to expand upon your idea - this is usually to ensure we correctly understand your intentions.

Investigating: Your idea is under review within the Community team.

In Backlog: The team currently plans to implement your idea at some point.

Planned: The team plans to implement your idea in the upcoming release.

Not Planned: At this time we won’t be implementing your idea - if circumstances change we may well revisit it.

Delivered: Your idea is part of the Community! 


Feel free to ask any questions here about how to best use the new area - we will be happy to help!

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