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Ask Me Anything: Dataiku DSS 7 with Sunny Porinju

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For our next Ask Me Anything we’ll give you the opportunity to ask us anything about Dataiku DSS 7. On March 18th, we released our latest update, Dataiku DSS 7. This new update will help transform your experience with new features focusing on Interactive Visual Statistics, Explainable AI, Git for Collaboration, and much more. All details can also be found in the DSS 7 Release Notes.

From March 23rd to April 3rd, @sunnyporinju , Senior Product Marketing Manager, will be answering your questions about 7. You will be able to ask your questions until April 3rd at which point the thread will be closed. If you are unfamiliar with how this AMA will work, please feel free to access our guidelines and view our first AMA back in January. So start prepping now and join Sunny on March 23rd.

We look forward to it!

Sunny.jpg Sunny Porinju is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Dataiku.




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Can I use the new git integration to share projects and libraries through git hub and other git-ish tools like bitbucket?  

I would like to build DSS projects in one instance of dss and have colleagues at other non-profits be able to pick up the project via GitHub or bitbucket.  

I also contribute to a few open source projects. Can I use the git integration to allow me to develop a python library in my instance of dss and post my pull request to github?

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Community Manager

@tgb417 that's an excellent question! I will go ahead and send this to @sunnyporinju in advance to answer for the AMA starting Monday!