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Conundrum 27: Stacks of Questions

Community Manager
Community Manager
Conundrum 27: Stacks of Questions

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Stack Overflow likely needs no introduction to many of you! This online community sets itself apart with a hard focus on getting great clear questions, and quality answers - all fuelled with an empowered community voting system.

This voting system allows us to categorize questions on the site as one of the following:

  1. ‘HQ’: High-quality posts with 30+ score and without a single edit.
  2. ‘LQ_EDIT’: Low-quality posts with a negative score and with multiple community edits. However, they still remain open after the edits.
  3. ‘LQ_CLOSE’: Low-quality posts that were closed by the community without a single edit.

Today we have a dataset for you with 15,000 questions each ranked on quality as one of the above.

Can you use Dataiku to dig into what makes a high-quality post? There are a few avenues to come at this from in the data - perhaps key words extracted from the title or text of the posts will help you, or perhaps tags are the key!

Get stuck in, have fun, and share what makes a great question!

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