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Conundrum 19: How did you get here?

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Community Manager
Conundrum 19: How did you get here?

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Welcome to Conundrum 19! For this puzzle we have an interesting data set about the means of international travel to London over time. The attached is a breakdown of visitors to London from abroad - and includes information about their means of travel to the UK. 

So a simple little puzzle for you this weekend - more musing on your approach than heavy lifting:

  • Can you represent how the sources and means of travel have changed over the period the data covers?

You could dig into a specific region and create a more detailed and fine grain visualisation - or you could be more general and perhaps group nations of origin to make global visualisation palatable!

Good luck!

Thanks to the ONS for providing the data used in this dataset and for allowing us to use it!

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Ooooh! Sounds like a time series challenge, maybe?! 😃

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I'm thinking about this as a geospatial time series.

With a quick look at the built-in map capabilities in DSS's charting, I don't see an opportunity to do this kind of animated charting.  I guess that I could do this as a series of annual facets in a dashboard.

I know that I've done some things like this in MS Excel, Power BI, and Tableau.  At this moment I don't have easy access to those tools.  And I'm wondering if that is "out of scope" for a DSS Conundrum.

So, I'm starting to think about going down the R ggplot2, ggaminate, tmap, mapview route.  Maybe making this a shiny app.  However, that does feel like a lot of work.  

Did anyone think about other chart types like radar chart, sunburst, or other types of hierarchical chart styles?

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