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In English Please Glossary

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On the Banana Data Podcast we have the In English Please segment. This serves as a way to simply breakdown complex concepts in plain english. Here is a glossary of all the terms discussed to date. If you like what you hear, please be sure to subscribe wherever you listen to your podcasts and register for the Banana Data Newsletter!

Term Season Episode Timestamp
Application Program Interface (API) Season 2 Do I do AI? 13:18
Autoencoder Neural Networks Season 3 Deepfakes & Data Upskilling 9:58
BERT Season 1 Building accessible queries, codes, and speech using AI 12:00
Cloud Computing Season 1 AI Meets World: GDPR, the AI Job Apocalypse, and AI’s carbon footprint 14:28
Collaborative Filtering Season 1 A New Kind of Relationship with AI: Robopets, AI Art, and AI EQ 12:36
Epsilon Greedy Multi Armed Bandit Season 1 Culpability in AI failures, Fooling NNs with NNs, AI for cancer screenings, and Epsilon Greedy Multi... 11:35
Federated Learning Season 1 Being an Ethical Data Scientist, Federated Learning in Healthcare, and Dropping the “Best Model” App... 11:07
GANS Season 1 The future of data according to predictions, Python 3.0, and people.  11:42
Graph Data Bases Season 3 Analytics in the NFL & Revolutions in Data Discovery 8:11
Kafka Season 2 The Essentials (and not-so essentials) of Data Science Pipelines 12:09
Neural Networks Season 1 Biased Data & the Perfect Answer, Multi-Armed Bandits, and the GPUs Behind Your Neural Networks 14:37
Random Forest Models Season 1 Prioritizing training data, model interpretability, and dodging an AI Winter 15:10
Reinforcement Learning (Online learning) Season 2 Life after Production, a Tale of Technical Debt with Dan Shiebler, Twitter Eng 4:19
Spark Season 1 The Death of Data Viz, Cross-Cultural AI, and AI Auditing 16:05
Speech Recognition Season 2 The Everyday of AI 12:33
Subpopulation Analyses Season 3 Data Nuance & Human-in-the-Loop Monitoring 10:28
YOLO Season 3 Fighting Cheating AI & Redefining AI companies 12:28