Guess What’s Coming Back? Hint: It Rhymes With Cabana🍌

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This post was originally published by @LizzyC on the Dataiku Blog on October 26, 2022

You guessed it: Season 6 of the Banana Data Podcast is coming to a podcast platform near you! Season 6 is set to launch on November 8, so if you don’t know what Banana Data is, you’re in the right place. In this blog post, we’ve compiled a mini rundown of the upcoming season and seasons past. (Sorry, it doesn’t really have anything to do with bananas. Bananas are just fun and buzzy, so we added it to the name!). 

The Banana Data Podcast is a data science podcast hosted by Dataiku, with a goal to demystify and democratize data science, analytics, and AI. The Banana Data Podcast breaks down the latest data science news, trends, and important concepts into a digestible and accessible format — bringing a voice and personality to the data science realm. It’s buzzy, fun, and informative!

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Keeps You Up to Data

We're focused on the latest and greatest of the data science ecosystem, sprinkled in with our musings and data science expertise. With topics that range from Responsible AI and transparency to robot pets, our hosts Christopher Peter Makris (also known as CPM) and Corey Strausman are here to keep you up to date on the latest trends, news, and big convos in data.

Without giving too much away (we want to keep some suspense!), here’s a sneak peek of possible upcoming episode themes. 

Season 6: All About AI

Have you ever wondered about the role of AI in health or in our everyday lives? Or maybe you’re trying to break into the data science industry and don’t know where to start. Or maybe you’re interested in AI in retail optimization or video games. This upcoming Season 6 of the Banana Data Podcast will cover all this and more. 

For a recap, our last season was about humanizing data science and AI. Season 4 was centered around how to be a responsible data scientist, season 3 focused on enterprise scaling with people and processes, season 2 on what’s behind the AI curtain, and season 1 on the latest and greatest in data and AI. For seasons 1, 2, and 3, our hosts were Triveni Gandhi and Will Nowak. CPM and Triveni hosted season 4, with Corey appearing on live episodes. Corey became a full-time host in season 5 with CPM and they are the returning crew for season 6!

To listen to past episodes, check out our channel here. Check out our YouTube channel here to watch our past recordings. If you want to check out a previous blog post centered around past topics, read the blog here

Meet Our Hosts

pasted image 0.pngChristopher Peter Makris (CPM) is a Data Science Manager at Dataiku. With a background in logic, discrete mathematics, and statistics, he brings experience from both industry and academia. CPM previously stood as Director of Data Science at the NYC Data Science Academy and Executive Director of the Master’s of Statistical Practice Program at Carnegie Mellon University. When not crunching numbers on his computer, CPM is crunching his abs in the studio as he’s an avid dancer, choreographer, and CrossFitter (so, while he considers himself a data scientist, he can only count to 5-6-7-8...).

pasted image 0 (1).png Corey Strausman has been here for almost three years and is warmly referred to as the “Mayor of Dataiku.” He  is the Community Manager overseeing the Dataiku Community. An action-oriented problem-solver with a keen eye for details, he has a strong desire to build communities. His background is primarily in community management.  Corey uses his role on the Banana Data Podcast to learn about the technical ins and outs of all things AI.


Hungry for Banana?

Tune in on November 8 to stay up to date and learn about all things AI. We’ve had a brief hiatus, but we are back and ready to get the ball rolling. Loyal Banana Data listeners, we’ve missed you, and we’re back to keeping you up to data. And for new listeners: We are so excited to have you and hope you enjoy our buzzy and insightful data science podcast. And don’t just trust us, Banana Data has been rated a top data science podcast from 
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