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Banana Byte: The Good, the Bot, the Ugly

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Typically when the average person thinks of bots, it rings with a negative connotation. Bots are immediately associated with spam and fake personas. But, is there a positive flip side to this coin? Listen to our 15-minute Banana Byte to find out.

This is one of our Banana Byte series- which are short, bi-weekly segments we run live on LinkedIn and Twitter, where we discuss the latest headlines and topics in the data science space. Be sure to tune in for our next live session, or check this one out on Linkedin, and stay-up-to-data with the Banana Data Podcast!



@CoreyS@Triveni, Christopher, 
I’m thankful for the points you have made here at about 7 minutes 50 seconds into the podcast about the unintended challenges that reCAPTCHA and other anti bot mechanisms may place on neurodiverse and environmentally challenged  individuals.  Thank you for bringing the bigger picture of potentially unintended consequences of the technology we create and deploy.  




Thank you, Tom! I actually got the idea/info from a book called 'Data Feminism' that has a lot of interesting use cases and issues in the area that extend beyond the most commonly used examples of bias.


@Triveni ,

I think that I’ve found the online version of the book.  Do you remember which section of the book was most important to your insights? 



This makes me so happy — these are very important conversations to be had. I am glad we have a forum to raise awareness of these types of issues, and am hopeful we can continue to do so in the future to ultimately make a difference.