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New tutorials for Dataiku 8 features

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New tutorials for Dataiku 8 features

Following up on the Dataiku 8 release announcement, we are pleased to say that there are some open courses on the Academy for these features:

  • Dataiku Applications, including both visual applications and the use of applications-as-recipes.
  • Flow Zones,  as part of the Collaboration open course.
  • Tag Categories, as part of the Tags lesson within the Collaboration open course

Screen Shot 2020-09-08 at 12.00.52.pngFor quick video introductions to the release features, see the following playlist.  You can skip directly to a particular feature video using the playlist controls in the upper right of the player below.  

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This 5 video playlist is a quick way to get a sense of what the new features are in DSS V8.


Dataiku Applications are a kind of DSS customization that allows you to reuse projects. Visual Applications allow you to package a project with a GUI on top, which empowers more people within an organization to leverage AI and self-service analytics. Learn more in this tutorial: ...