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This Thursday: Dataiku for Good! Ikigai + One Acre Fund

This Thursday: Dataiku for Good! Ikigai + One Acre Fund

Hi everyone! During this week's academic webinar, we will be joined by teammates from Dataiku's Ikigai initiative and speakers from the One Acre Fund. To learn more about how we work with One Acre Fund, check out this page.

Register for the webinar through our Events Portal:

About Ikigai is an AI-for-good initiative founded by Dataiku.

Dataiku believes data science and AI should benefit – and not threaten – everyone, and that it should be used to solve some of the world’s most complex challenges. To that end, Dataiku empowers organizations to build AI into their processes in a human-centered way, which means that humans – not machines – are always at the heart of the decision making process. That includes encouraging transparent processes (versus black-box approaches) and implementing features in order to detect and prevent algorithmic bias.

We think that non-profit organizations should be able to embrace the full potential of AI as well with the right software and the right skills, and is our program to help them in that direction.

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